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Alive Max 10 / 10 / 10 Freedom Plan

AliveMax will BRIDGE THE GAP between Online Recruiting and Traditional methods of building a network marketing business. The explosive international growth that can happen with an Internet based system is a great way to gain a massive base of excited business builders. The high retention and deep market penetration of off line word of mouth is what creates the long term residual income within the Home Based Business Industry.

One of the main reasons that AliveMax is so POWERFUL is because we have both the online and off line business growth strategies mastered! AliveMax's core training strategy is based on the 10/10/10 Freedom Plan.....

Follow the 10/10/10 Freedom Plan all the way to the top of the Alive Max compensation plan.

The next 10 months, personally sponsor 10 people on auto-ship on your right, 10 people on autoship on your left and then, "work with the will